Friends of the Cascade Library

Volunteering with the Friends

Are you interested in sorting donated books and/or stocking and maintaining the Friends Bookstore?  Are you able to volunteer your time on a weekly basis?  If the answer to both questions is 'yes,' email Laurel Ingram for more information about opportunities.

Are you interested in occasionally helping with used book sales?  Maybe help set up for an event?  Then please contact Marcae Johnson at

The Friends Board

If you have questions or need help with any matters related to the Friends, please feel free to contact one of our board members.

Co-President/Book Sales Advisor  -  Debbie Straub  -

Co-President  -  Paula Rowland  -

Book Discussion  -  Linda Berra  -

Secretary  -  Kyle Landman  -

Treasurer  -  Marianne Warnock  -

Membership  -  Joe David  -

Website  -  Walt Wolf  -

Indoor Book Sales  -  Kathy Wosinski  - 
Bookstore/Sorters  -  Laurel Ingram  -